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In the month of October 2010, Tushikamane Pamoja Foundation began visiting the Msimbazi Old Peoples’ Home. We met with several residents that live there and held an open dialogue exchange with them concerning specific day to day requirements they might have that would enable them to fulfil their daily activities and alleviate some of the hardships they encounter. After our discussion with them, the group decided to organise a Charity Bazaar that would incorporate monetary donations, raffle and food sales and serve as a community collection point for items donated by the public.

We were fortunate to have the support and sponsorship from various businesses to make the event a success. The event included live performances from local artists; it also served as a significant forum to make the public aware of the Foundation’s efforts and to increase public engagement.

We raised over two million shillings through this event which saw the raised funds being spent on purchasing items that had been requested by the elderly at the Home. These items along with others that had been donated, were given to the members of the Msimbazi home during a meeting in which we discussed how we can work with them to continue the efforts to provide them with much needed assistance.

We further encourage members of the public to visit the elderly in these homes in order to increase morale and lend support, as the roles that the elderly maintain within our communities are integral to preserving our social fabric.

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We understand

  • Rights
    Older people have the right to basic age care facilities such as pensions, social security, health care, safety & security, transportation & mobility.
  • Resources
    TPF relies on external support to help the elderly live with dignity. Discover more about how we raise money and work to meet our objectives.
  • Relief
    TPF touches the lives of the elders through its services every year to provide them with a better quality of life.
  • Support Us
    We welcome donations and volunteers to support us in providing quality services to the growing elderly population of Tanzania. All donations to AGE are tax-deductible.



Your donations to TPF for the Elderly are a tremendous source of support for our programs. Through your charitable contributions, we provide equipment, information, education, consultation, and direct services to caregivers, the elderly and disabled, and their families.

There are many wonderful ways to give to TPF for the Elderly, such as:

Recognizing a special person
Pledging your monthly support through our Circle of AGE
Donating to our annual campaign
Sponsoring a scholarship for an aging or disabled person to attend Adult Day Care